I’m Liz, chief creator of Really Yummy cakes. I’m completely passionate about creating bespoke cakes. 

I love the uniqueness of it all. 

Taking a little-known theme and creating a gorgeous cake. Or taking a well-known theme and creating something unlike anything seen before.

Taking very different interests or passions and making them feel like they belong together. Or taking a quirky theme and creating something incredibly meaningful for the recipient. 

Starting with a favourite colour, or place, or toy, or person, and designing the perfect cake.

Or being honoured to hear the words ‘it’s up to you, I trust you Liz’, time and time again.

And underneath all of this, there is always a Really Yummy cake. Delicious, in fact.

Please get in touch, and be the reason for my next challenge. I very much look forward to hearing from you x