Last minute 21st birthday cake

I’m not very good at ‘last minute’…. Anyone who knows me personally will know how I can’t be late, I have contingency on my contingency time, and the idea of doing something ‘last minute’ terrifies me!

But a little while ago I made a ‘last minute’ cake. And I really enjoyed it. I normally need at least two week’s notice, but this lovely, but slightly panicked customer came to me on a Wednesday, and needed the cake for Saturday. No time to design, or mull it over even. I had to hit the ground running, in a week with two other cakes.

21st birthday cake with bow

21st birthday cake with bow

So I was honest, and gave three cake options, all of which I had done before, and could be in the customer’s chosen colours. I then realised that it was actually fairly easy to fit in. No uncertainty with using new techniques, templates, or shapes and sizes. The stuff I normally enjoy, could be put to one side this time, and I would enjoy making the little tweaks instead.

So, if you are happy with a few options, and you’ve left it a little ‘last minute’, please get in touch here and we can discuss your ideas.

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Love from Really Yummy HQ x