Behind the scenes, a Queen’s Hat


A while ago, I was asked to make a cake, fit for a Queen. Very exciting, it was for a street party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. No design requirements, it was up to me, it didn’t need to be big, but needed to make a big impact.

As always, I excitedly said yes, and felt fairly confident that a design idea would come to me.

A day or so later, I was flicking through images of the Queen, her family, and special occasions, and it struck me that there was always a hat! Every occasion had such different associations, from Buckingham Palace, the crown jewels, London, Balmoral, her dogs, the countryside, the Union Jack, gold carriages, wedding days, street parties. The list went on and on, and it was getting tricky to narrow it down. But there was always, always a hat.


So I began to browse images of her hats. It needed to be structurally ‘cake’ shaped, not too intricate, but have enough impact when made as a cake. The one I chose was a gorgeous blue, with feathers and loops, and had enough interest in its shape, without needing to carve too much of it away.

The texture was applied with a burlap roller, and the colour was given depth with blue shimmer dust, black petal dust and cornflower to ‘dilute’ the colour intensity.

The board was built up with foil, to a raised centre, and covered with sugarpaste for the brim.

And every time I saw it on my workbench, I thought it was a hat.

Job, very much, done.

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