So, what happens next?


It’s a question I get asked a lot. You’ve been on the website, poured over the galleries, and decided that you’d love a Really Yummy cake. You may have lots of ideas. Or you may have very little by way of inspiration. But don’t panic, it’s all under control.

The first thing I need to know is the date. Provided it’s more than a few weeks away, I can usually accommodate. But there’s only so much I can fit in, so we only move forward if I have space.


The next question you need to answer is how many people you’d like to feed with your gorgeous cake? Roughly. The cake you need for 8 people at a family tea, is a lot smaller than the cake you need for 48 people at a party, so it just helps to have an idea.

I can then produce a quote. Just bear in mind that the quote you get back will be based on a certain amount of detail in the decoration. Most of the cakes in the gallery have been made like this, but occasionally you might want a bit more. If this is the case, the quote will increase slightly. It’s your choice which way you go.

Once you’ve agreed the quote, and I have an idea of your theme, I’ll pop it all in a confirmation sheet and email it across.

Your deposit is then due a couple of weeks before your date, and the balance when you collect.

And I’ll then design and make you a perfect cake. Obviously.

Tempted? It’s never too early to book your own cake, even if you aren’t too sure what you want yet. Head here and save the date. Or get in touch here and we can discuss your ideas.

Or just put your feet up and head here, to read all about the day to day goings on, behind the scenes.

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And have a great day!

Love from Really Yummy HQ x