They grow up too fast

The only school leavers’ cakes I had done previously, were for both my daughter’s pre-school leaving party. I had such a ball doing both of these, so when I was asked for a primary school leavers’ cake – I was very much up for the challenge.

The graduation class was quite small, but the cake needed a certain amount of impact, so we decided on two tiers. The concept of ‘growing up’ was important, as these girls had been at school together since they were four. And it obviously needed little nods to the school, even though it was an out of school celebration.

School leavers cake, with shoes

School leavers cake, with shoes

I used the silhouettes of three increasingly grown up girls around the top tier, from the little one skipping into school, to the almost teenage one, on her phone! And two sets of school shoes really helped to highlight how much they’ve grown too….

The school emblem is an orange and white flower, which made a lovely subtle addition.

And we wanted each girl’s name on the cake somewhere – just like the chalked version on the preschool cake – and opted for exercise book paper around the edge this time instead.

I love this cake – and it’s a great example of a cake that may not instantly make sense if anyone else sees it, but it means a great deal to the recipients.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into designing and making a Really Yummy cake. I’d love to know your thoughts, so why don’t you pop me a comment below?

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