I said ‘I will’, but now where do I start?

You’ve sorted the dress of your dreams, and you’ve picked the perfect venue and now know the date. You’ve started to think about food, and the guest list is taking shape. It’s time to start thinking about the cake, right?

Every one of my wedding cakes starts with a blank sheet of paper. Actually that’s where all of my cakes start, full stop. But I understand it can feel a bit daunting to look at a blank sheet of paper. So let’s see it as the start of a mood board.


If you imagine your wedding, what is it starting to look like? Is it low-key and rustic? Or silver and sparkly? Is it traditional, or quirky? Lots of bunting? Chalkboards? Mirrors and candles? Sumptuous silks and deep colours? Barbecue food? Full sit-down banquet? Are you guys dressed in best bib and tucker? Or vintage outfits? Is there a theme? Maybe art deco? Or retro 1950s? Or a full-on shakespearean vibe?

Now think of your invites? Have you chosen them yet? If so, look at their colours, and their fonts, and any imagery. What made you like them?

And now look at your dress. Describe it, the way you would tell your best friend on the phone. Is it a classic beaded number? Floor length? Cute hooped skirt? Boned bodice? Now tell me why it’s perfect.

Do you see what’s happening? We haven’t even talked actual cake yet!  But the answers to these questions, the chat that we would be having? They are the inspiration for your cake. The perfect starting point.

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And have a great day!

Love from Really Yummy HQ x