A tree surgeon's wedding cake

Slightly nervous as always on these occasions, I walked into the coffee shop, to meet Emma, Jon and Emma’s Mum for the first time. And had such an enjoyable time. I don’t think I’ve ever met quite such a smiley bride and groom!

The look they wanted was rustic, for a wedding in Emma’s parents’ garden. The bunting, the tables, the food, the little signs. Everything was going to look just perfect. I could visualise it so easily, just chatting to them.

They wanted a bride and groom topper, and Jon is a tree surgeon, so we talked about their ideas of including that in the cake. We talked flavours, flowers, themes, invites, weddings in general (I’m a sucker for them anyway), and we got to know each other. And my coffee went cold, obviously!

I left the coffee shop, brimming with ideas, and put together my customary three-option quote. These are always really flexible, but I think putting options together on paper helps everyone to focus on what they want.

They decided on an option with three tiers of ‘cut log’-style vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, covered in ivy, some butterflies, and Jon climbing through the ivy to get to Emma, who would be perched on the top. Emma would be in her dress, and Jon in his suit, but he would have his harness on over the top. We had chuckled about his work mates noticing his lack of hard hat – but we decided it wasn’t a great wedding day look to include it!

Once I started the design process, I had loads of questions – eye colour, suit style, wedding dress, hair style…. The list went on, and my stack of printed out photos became larger. But my job is to reflect a bride and groom as much as I can in a topper. So really, the more photos, the better!

Then a quick final meeting with Emma in the lead up to the big day, just to make sure we’ve thought of everything, and to get excited all over again….

And on the day of the wedding, I drove past the church, smiling at all the cars outside, snuck into her parents’ back garden, and set up their gorgeous cake, ready for them to arrive. And then snuck back out again. Grinning the whole way home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into designing and making a Really Yummy wedding cake. I’d love to know your thoughts, so why don’t you pop me a comment below?

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