Wands, wizards and secrets

If you have read my blogs, you will know that my children get to choose their cake theme, and get very excited doing so. It’s very much ‘the more challenging, the better’, and they do know how to challenge me!

This particular year, my youngest was all set to have an art themed party, and wanted an art themed cake to go with it. I had just the cake in my head, full of splats, primary colours, and a gravity defying paintbrush. I’d organised a couple of lovely ladies to run the art activities too. I was looking forward to a relaxing party.

And then, she changed her mind. To Harry Potter, no less. Now she clearly knows me well, as there aren’t many themes I’d gladly have changed to! But this one – heck, yes please! A hurried email to the wonderfully accommodating party ladies, and they’d agreed to make wands and wizards hats as the craft activities.

Harry Potter spell books with Hedwig and the Golden Snitch

Harry Potter spell books with Hedwig and the Golden Snitch

The cake itself, I had in my head already, and was waiting patiently for the chance to make it. I knew it needed the Gryffindor colours, and I’d seen book carousel cakes on a larger scale, so decided to use it for the spell books on the top tier. The sorting hat was perfect on the top, and my daughter had requested a list of items to include too – wand, broomstick, glasses, Dobby, Hedwig, golden snitch, and Harry, obviously.

The bottom tier was more tricky to fill. But then we watched the film with the Marauder’s Map as the credit sequence. I love a credit sequence as inspiration, actually. Bless her, my older daughter sat patiently through the credits on the iPad, and screen shotted each different view for me to use. The best cakes have little secret bits, and this one has Hagrid’s feet included in the map – it takes some finding, but the footprints are much bigger than everyone else’s.

The other little secret is that the top tier is not cake. I use fake tiers occasionally – they add to the drama and decorating potential, without adding unnecessary cake portions. So I still have the books and sorting hat – and without fail, whenever I exhibit anywhere, it’s the first thing that people notice. Despite the fact that it’s only 4″ in diameter!

It was a theme that I loved, and still love – long may its popularity continue….

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into designing and making a Really Yummy cake. I’d love to know your thoughts, so why don’t you pop me a comment below?

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