Lipstick, powder and paint

Make-up and fashion are such popular ideas for cake themes, I thought I would revisit some of my favourites.

This cake was for Hannah's 40th. She wanted something fun, but sophisticated, and this dressmaker's dummy topper was a great place to start. I decided to use retro colours, and include polka dots and little bows. The chequerboard cake base really set it off too.

The next cake was based on Hannah's cake, and was to celebrate a Christmas shopping evening. I added little shopping bags, and rather than going too festive with sparkle and silver, I instead used a gorgeous green and red to highlight the Christmas theme.


Next up, I was asked to create a MAC make-up themed cake. I knew I wanted the iconic black with white logo, and I decided to create an open gift box, to display all of the gorgeous make-up. It's a great brand with stunning packaging to work with.

No sooner had I finished this one, another request came in, this time for a much larger cake. The challenge was to still make it look full, without the make-up appearing too oversized. I increased their sizes by about half as much again, and then arranged them on the larger cake. I think they both looked amazing.

This cake was based on a similar idea, but instead using Chanel as the theme, with a gorgeous pink stripe and mini bow.

And finally, a last minute order meant I had no time to create the make-up. Instead I used the iconic Chanel black and white for a version of my inlaid stripe cake. Adding a white bow and little logo, resulted in one of my favourite cakes in the end!

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into designing and making a Really Yummy cake. I’d love to know your thoughts, so why don’t you pop me a comment below?

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