A week of Me Time - The Painting Class

Juggling running a business with running a family can seem a little overwhelming at times. It's easy to just keep going, and never hit the pause button.


Until this week. Monday I had a long-awaited haircut, and then Tuesday I headed off for a day of sheer bliss. I had booked onto a Painted Cakes class, run by the amazing Sarah of The Chocolate Strawberry, hosted at Victoria's Kitchen in Woking.


I was last to arrive - racing over from Winchester after dropping my girls at school, but Sarah made me feel so welcome, and after a quick 'hi' to my fellow classmates, I had a coffee in my hand two minutes later. Whilst I stared in awe at the demonstration cake I was supposed to produce.... Err?! Me?!


I have hand-painted on cakes before, but this just looked so amazing, I couldn't quite believe i would get anywhere close. But Sarah's wonderfully patient tuition, combined with great techniques, and we produced all manner of wonderful flowers. The shaky hand soon disappeared, and I was feeling quite confident by the end of the day. 

I also now have plenty of new techniques to try on your glorious cakes. And more importantly, I paused. A big fat, all-day-long pause. Heaven.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes at Really Yummy. I’d love to know your thoughts, so why don’t you pop me a comment below?

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Love from Really Yummy HQ x