The story of a boy, raised by wolves

I do normally write a blog at least a couple of weeks in advance of publishing it, but this week I am right in the middle of my youngest daughter's birthday celebrations, so what better to write about than her cake?!

She has bounced around ideas for a while, finally settling on an animal party. All of her friends are coming dressed up as animals, and I was designing a cake based around this, when we started chatting. As a family we sit and watch a film every Friday evening. We have done since before she was born, and a few weeks ago we watched the Jungle Book. The recent one, not the cartoon. And as we all had such a great time, we starting thinking about a cake with this theme. I could just see it in my mind, the colours of the whole film were amazing, and the posters were so vivid.

And true to form, she wanted to include everyone! I bargained her down to the bear, the snake, the panther, the tiger and Mowgli, the boy. Believe me, that is still plenty of work. Thankfully she relented on the whole wolf family in the end!

And like every other year, her birthday has fallen in one of my busiest cake weeks. But ironically all of this week's have a similar look and feel to them.

I modelled Baloo the bear, scruffing up his fur as much as I could without it coming off in clumps. I used pictures of panthers to get Bagheera right - his neck is really low to the ground but his hind legs are massive. And I hand-painted Shere Khan, so he would look almost part of the jungle. One of the posters has Mowgli sitting on his haunches, so I combined that with Kaa the snake peering over the top of the middle tier.

The poster also uses yellow, bright yellow, to create the look of light peering through the jungle. So initially I airbrushed a yellow stripe down the middle of the constructed cake. And then added more and more green as I moved out from this centre stripe, finishing with brown, and adding vines, trees and shadows.

The overall cake looked so atmospheric, and her friends were all amazed and intrigued in equal measures. Sharing out little bits of a bear and a snake, to satisfy their curiosity, made me grin.

And at the end of the day my daughter's face says it all.

So there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into designing and making a Really Yummy cake. I'd love to know your thoughts, so why don't you pop me a comment below?

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