Getting in touch

There are a few different ways that you can get in touch with Really Yummy, depending on where you are in your cake journey.

Please note that although I occasionally reply to enquiries over the weekend, my normal desk days are Monday to Friday. I usually require at least two week's notice, and in general I don't offer cake collections on Mondays, or Tuesday mornings. Ask me to design you something fabulous, or request your own version of any cake in my gallery, but please note that I don't produce copies of other people's cakes.

Enquire about a cake

If you know when you need your cake, just pop the details in the form, and you'll receive a return email full of information, including sizes and prices. I'll check the date is free, and I usually pop you a quick text too, just to let you know it's been sent, as it might be sitting in your spam folder.

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I am happy to receive regular emails from Really Yummy
Never spam, just a regular peek behind the scenes

Find out more

Or.... Maybe you love the look of the cakes in the galleries, but aren't quite at the point where you need a cake. Or perhaps you don't know quite what you need or when you need it yet. Leave your details here, and you'll get a bit more information, including our price list, and popped onto our mailing list, just so we can keep in touch.

Book a phone chat

And if you'd really rather speak on the phone, why don't you book a phone chat here? It's more reliable than just calling, as I'm usually elbow-deep in cakes in my studio and often can't pick up the phone at that point.

Head here to book a slot in my diary....